Milan Fashion Week; Antonio Marras

Milan Fashion Week reinforces the importance in the global fashion industry they recently announced to include an increasing number of catwalk shows. Hot new styles are sent down the catwalk twice a year at the Milano Fashion Center. At Milan Fashion Week, Gucci, Armani, D&G, Prada, Antonio Marras and many other top international designers offer a preview of trends to come for next fall and winter. Although you do need a special invitation any catwalk show, certainly also it a good time to visit the city, which is full of inspiration and glamorous parties during the fashion week.

Antonio Marras with his new collection created for his memory of his mother Nannina. His collection reflects on passion, commitment, and memory of his childhood. The shape of the dresses also designed to the forties, the era when Nannina was at her most beautiful. The bright red lips and hair pulled back into a loose bun were also borrowed from Nannina's look. The long floral dress she wore the day she took her son to the movies for the first time was refracted through the roses and poppies that were printed on silk skirts and tops.


iFabbo Holds Event for Bloggers

iFabbo, an international organization for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers is organizing a meet and greet event in Los Angeles for bloggers and beauty and fashion brands. The event held at Bollare Communications on February 3, 2011 will draw some of the top bloggers in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries.

The event is free to attend for all bloggers who are iFabbo members. Bloggers who belong to iFabbo can take advantage of the various educational tools and resources available to them. They also have the opportunity to meet various brands in the beauty and fashion industry and create professional relationships. Blogger membership is free but each blog goes through an extensive review process. Members are expected to be credible and ethical within the blogosphere.

“Los Angeles houses some of the top bloggers in the country so we are very excited to be having an event there,” said Tonia Korakis Co-Founder of iFabbo. “Our events are a great networking tool not only for the bloggers but for the brands in attendance because they have the opportunity to establish long lasting relationships with some of the top beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers.”

iFabbo is a member only organization that promotes a healthy blogosphere by uniting bloggers, brands and consumers. iFabbo allows fashion and beauty brands to interact and work directly with bloggers within the industry that they ordinarily may not be able to reach. Brands are educated on how to interact with bloggers and other on-line influencers as well as have the opportunity to participate in large and prestigious events.